New year's update

We are ready to launch the watches – are you READY?

2016 was the year of product development and planning for our big launch. It’s only 16 days left until you finally can place your order. You can already get a preview of the models on our Instagram.

It’s a new year which is equal to new year’s resolutions, right? Live life to the fullest is one of this year's most popular New year’s resolution according to the data pulled from Google by iQuant, which has increased with 13% since last year. Sometimes we are so focused on the future that we forgot to enjoy what’s important right now. We think we should shift our focus back to what we are experiencing and enjoy these moments to the fullest. Easier said than done, not to mention all the distractions that keep interrupting and not least from our smartphones.

So, what if your watch could remove the distractions and reclaim control over your time? This year we are aiming to change the way we are using technology by making technology more human and you’ll find out exactly how on January 26th.

2 years ago | Publicado por: Apollonia