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The first morning back to work after your holiday is always the hardest. You've spent the last two weeks waking up late and having breakfast, then falling back asleep by the pool. It's no surprise that it pains you to set the alarm to 7 am and repeat Monday – Friday or it drives you a little bit mad thinking about the morning rush hour. With Kronaby we want to make going back to work a little easier for everyone with a few simple back to work tips.


Wouldn’t it be great having a personal assistant to help you get ready in the morning? Turn on your lights, make you a coffee and even open your garage door as you leave for work. Well, conveniently enough Kronaby can be the morning assistant you have been waiting for. All the above is possible thanks to IFTTT integration with Kronaby. No more struggling to find the light switch in the winter, wake up and toggle your Philips Hue lights on as you crawl of the bed. Then when you are walking downstairs, why not have your coffee machine create a fresh cup before you have even reached the kitchen with a click of your Kronaby pusher. The future is now!




It is time to leave for work, however the inevitable has happened. You have lost your phone. You get your partner to call it, but of course, it's on silent. With Kronaby we have solved the great game of mobile Marco Polo with the Find my phone feature. Never again will you have to go on the morning sofa expedition or interrogate the entire house, just to find out its been in your jacket pocket the entire time. Simply hold down the Crown button on your Kronaby for 3 seconds and your phone will start playing an enthusiastic ringtone which will lead you to its whereabouts.




IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”. It is a program designed to get all your apps talking to each other. Kronaby has teamed up with IFTTT to give the user a potentially unlimited list of functions. So just set up your account, connect and open up a new world of connectivity from your wrist. Connected. Not Distracted.

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