Technology made human

It has almost been a month since we introduced Kronaby to the world and we are thankful for the great response we have received so far. Now we are focusing on what’s coming next including the product launch in January and the upcoming activities.

We firmly believe that technology is fantastic but only if it adds value to you. This view is at the core of our work here at Kronaby in everything we do. We are extremely selective with Kronaby’s features, as there is no reason for functions that don’t serve a real purpose for you. We have found evidence for this in our everyday lives as we can see that a culture has been developed where people must feel they are constantly available.

Tristan Harris, the co-founder of Time Well Spent, held a very interesting TED Talk about the future of technology. He highlighted the importance of spending our time well and asked “what does the future of technology look like when you're designing for the deepest human values?" We believe that we have an answer for that. Not only do we want to make technology human, we also want to build a community and show the world that technology does not need to disrupt our lives - as long as it is developed in favor of human needs.

We would love to continue discussing this, as we find this topic extremely interesting, but it would be unfair to you guys as we haven’t told you that much yet and how the Kronaby watch help you manage your time more efficiently. The best is still to come and we are continuing our journey to launch the next generation of watches so stay tuned!

2 years ago | Posted by: Apollonia