Connected. Not distracted. 

Don’t miss out on precious moments by letting screens get the best of you.

Be present

“Enough is enough, I don’t want to miss out on precious time with friends, family and loved ones. Kronaby lets me live life a little less distracted.”

Kronaby is designed to fit a modern lifestyle. The watch notifies you with a vibration on your wrist when your favorite friends or apps want to get a hold of you. Making it easy to keep your phone and screens tucked away.

Explore how Kronaby can help you live life connected, not distracted.

Matias Varela

In his work, actor Matias Varela, is well acquainted with the modern-day challenges of time management and digital overload.

“Dividing my time between acting jobs in Hollywood and Europe and family life in Stockholm, it is easy to become hyper-connected, over-stimulated, distracted and alienated from the things that really matter. I want to be present in the moment.”

The tool to utilize your time

“My Kronaby filters all my incoming calls and messages, notifying me of the important ones. I also rely on the Auto Time Zone feature, which keeps track of the local time no matter how many time zones I cross. My Kronaby is fundamental in helping me achieve a more mindful approach to life.”