We are continuing our journey

Hello Kronaby friends,
We launched our brand two weeks ago and we are thrilled to see that journalists from all around the world picked up our story including Watchpro, GulfElite, EuropaStar, Sydsvenskan and Mobil. The response has been great and we are now focusing on our product announcement in 2017 – the show must go on.

Yesterday we met with Kristian Haagen in Copenhagen. Many of you watch enthusiasts know about him already but for those who don’t, Kristian is a well-known watch journalist and author of six books. It was really exciting to show him the watches and hear his thoughts. It was quite fascinating to see his passion for watches and most importantly, we are so happy that Kristian loved the watches! He was surprised by the fact that it was a real watch – he was expecting it to be something else than what it is. Don’t worry, you will also get the chance to find out coming forward. Meanwhile, we are continuing our journey to bring the next generation of watches to the market.

2 years ago | Posted by: Apollonia