Connect your phone and watch together and chose your features. Smart hybrid watch that looks stylish.

7 reasons to go for a hybrid watch

Welcome to the future. The Kronaby connected hybrid watch does more than just look good. Here are 7 things you can do with your connected watch.

1. Count your steps.
By the push of a watch you can monitor the percentage of steps you take every day.

2. Take a photo.
No more selfie arm, just click the watch to take the picture. It connects with your phone and triggers it to take the picture.

3. Filter notifications.
Your watch vibrates to notify you of calls, messages and other things you choose. You no longer need to take up your phone to check and then get stuck for hours.

4. Control your music.
With a Kronaby hybrid watch you can impress by controlling music, such as Spotify, directly from your watch. 

5. Time it.
The Kronaby watch comes with a timer and stopwatch. You can e.g. set it to vibrate when your selected time is up. Simple and useful. 

6. Walk home safe.

"Walk me home" lets you connect with a friend (who doesn't need to have a Kronaby watch) and you can notify your friend that you're in danger just by clicking the watch. 

7. Connect to IFTTT 

If This Then That lets you control all your connected devices in your house, like your coffee machine, your lights, garage door etc. Now the Kronaby watch lets you do the same with the click of a button.

The Kronaby watch offers many more features and you can find them all here.

1 years ago | Posted by: Kronaby