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We are so proud to finally have launched Kronaby. The name itself is a combination of two words: “Krona” is the Swedish word for crown and “By” means village. When kicking of this project we had a belief that everyone in their heart has an “inner personal village” where time almost stops. Pending whom we ask it can be when you go running, spend time with your loved ones i.e. moments where you have peace of mind. While being in these moments, you still want to be somewhat connected. With Kronaby, we aim to help people to be connected but not distracted.
Can an authentic timepiece be a smart timepiece? The answer is the connected Kronaby movement that is developed in-house by our top software and hardware engineers in Malmö – providing a battery life up to two years. On top of that the watch can count your steps, control music playlists and it also lets you choose who or what can get hold of you through the filtered notifications. The possibilities are endless – check out all the features here

2 years ago | 送信したのは: Apollonia