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Introducing… Kronaby Sweden!

We live in an age where digital presence is encouraged and social engagement is rewarded, I often challenge myself to be off the grid. The idea of being disconnected thrills me but also makes me feel very left out.

From the minute I wake to the moment I close my eyes, I spend most of my day glued to my iPhone. *square eyes* I check emails, double tap on Instagram, stalk exes on Facebook and discover new music on Spotify. It is so easy to be distracted and lose focus on things that matter to us the most.

Several weeks ago, I met guys a Kronaby Sweden who introduced me to their connected watches. They combine traditional watchmaking and technology that goes way beyond time. The watch is connected to your smartphone, so it allows you to filter notifications. I can choose who and what is allowed to notify me when I’m out and about. Therefore, I spend less time checking my phone and more time being productive.

My Kronaby connected watch vibrates once when I receive an email, twice when I receive a text and three times when someone important is calling me. *boom* Also, I use it to monitor my daily steps. It’s not easy to reach 20k every day, so the watch notifies me when I’ve been inactive for too long. The watch is a perfect fit to my daily life and helps to keep my hands off my iPhone when unnecessary. Oh, and the battery lasts up to 2 years, so your life never goes on hold!

1 years ago | Publicado por: Salt and Pepper