The story of Kronaby

At Kronaby we love the looks and feel of a classic timepiece, but understand that it can be so much more. So how did we come up with this idea and how did it all started?  

First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pål, and I am the CEO of Kronaby, Sweden. I spent a number years of working within the consumer electronic industry. We created products that would convince ordinary people to use innovative technical solutions and advance features, driven more from a “what can be done “rather than “what do I need” perspective. My colleagues and I realized that a product that really makes sense is missing. We wanted to challenge the industry and make a product that would facilitate people’s day to day lives. We wanted to create products utilizing technology and innovation centering on the individual. We call this Human technology. Technology and innovation is fantastic but it needs to be designed in a way that will solve a real problem and address it in a way that gives value every day to the end user.

We decided to give this a real shot. We gathered the best people from various backgrounds, individually and professionally. We thought a lot about how we have created a society where technology is a distraction and disabler rather than an enabler for many people. We wanted to develop a product that would make everyday life easier and less stressful. The Kronaby watch was a natural first step because a beautiful connected watch was the missing piece in our own lives. At Kronaby, we believe that we have been able to create watches supported with relevant features and services that solve personal needs. We merged our Scandinavian design heritage with the traditional watch making industry to design something beautiful but also smart. Our creation will be launched on January 26th.

This is the new generation of watches. 

2 years ago | 送信したのは: Pål