We are counting the days

It’s only 50 days left until 26th of January when we will reveal Kronaby, a Swedish connected watch collection, for the very first time.

The upcoming holidays are for unplugging, right? We all need to unplug during vacations and recharge our batteries from time to time. But prior to unplugging we are about to reveal new details about the Kronaby watch collection and its models. First out is APEX. Configured with motion, durability and legibility in mind, the Kronaby APEX takes you one step further. By giving you a way to disconnect without missing out what’s important, we truly believe that we’re paving the way to the future of watchmaking. This is Human technology.

Our story continues in the new Kronaby Facebook and Instagram pages. Make sure to follow us as we are revealing more details about the Kronaby collection. Simply put, we are merging Swiss watchmaking tradition with world leading engineering and Scandinavian design. We will tell you even more very soon. So, this is APEX, but there is more to come the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

2 years ago | Publié par: Apollonia