Valentine's Day. No distractions 


Have you ever had a Valentine’s day full of distractions? Maybe you have had of those dates where both of you are at dinner, searching for the meaning of life staring into the bright light of your smartphones? Or how about where you have waited for your partner to turn their apartment upside down searching for their phone, whilst you sit down wondering what is going on behind those closed doors? Well, the Kronaby mission this Valentine’s is to give you a day with no distractions, to avoid all the above. A date night. Done right. So here are four ways to ensure you have a Connected. Not distracted Valentine’s day with some help from Kronaby.

1. Never miss a call from your partner – There is nothing more frustrating than calling your partner ten times and still getting no answer. Even worse, having to leave a voice message… Get your partner a Kronaby hybrid smartwatch this Valentine’s day and set yourself up as a contact in Filter Notifications. This way your partner will be notified every time you call or message them. Problem solved.

2. Find your phone in seconds - Let’s face it, most of us struggle to leave the house without our phones. It’s understandable, for some everything is connected to our smartphones. So why not take away the struggle of finding it when you’ve buried it under a mountain of clothes whilst getting ready. Simply hold down the crown for 3x seconds and your phone will start playing a melody, leading you right to its location. This way you won’t leave that special someone waiting out in the cold for you.



3. Set the mood – We have all gone home once or twice in our lives after one of “those dates” where you’ve tried to be smooth and it inevitably backfires. Well luckily enough with Kronaby we are here to lend you a hand, so you can be that smooth person you have always wanted with guaranteed results. With IFTTT you can control almost any connected product with a push of a button. So why not turn your lights on and change them to a soft red mood light.

4. Skip the embarrassment
– Imagine the horror of sitting down with your Valentine’s date and you put on your “mood setter” playlist on your streaming service. It’s all going to plan, until someone has snuck in a song from your “guilty pleasures” playlist. However, with Kronaby Music control, you can change the song before your date has even noticed the intro to that embarrassing song.

However you decide to spend the most romantic day of the year. Try and make it Connected. Not distracted.

Find the perfect hybrid smartwatch for your loved one here.

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Photo taken by Jakub Jabłoński

A Kronaby Winter Break

Using your Kronaby while skiing? Here’s a few tips for the winter vacation


If like the Swedish, you are planning a winter getaway to visit some snowy mountains this February, we have some exciting tips for you.

First time on the slopes or a seasoned professional? Either way, you’re going to need the right gear and Kronaby is an essential for everyone. Firstly, when you land in your chosen ski resort the Automatic time zone will connect your watch with the correct time. This means no more messing around with the hands and knowing that you will be on time and first to the snow in the morning.

It’s also important to remind you, that even if the watch should be thrown around it is made of high-quality materials such as sapphire glass. If you fall, the only thing that might show up is your own bruises…

Riding solo? Then you most likely have some music with you. To change track, pause music or increase/decrease volume just pull out the watch and push a button. There’s no need to take your phone out from your pocket.

One of our favorite tips is the Remember this spot function. Let’s say you try out all the different slopes and you run by the perfect place that’s not so crowded. Just push the button on your watch and the app will remember the location. You can even rename the location whatever you like.

If you come up with other great ideas to use the Kronaby hybrid smartwatch, please share them and tag us on Instagram. #Kronaby @Kronaby

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Get Moving!



Attention all Kronaby owners! 2019 is the year to get moving.


Our New Year’s resolution is to move more and increase our steps. As our first goal we are trying to beat the total steps taken in December. We all know December is a lazy month full of cold dark evenings inside and eating holiday chocolate. So, time to get up from those chairs and get away from the desks. Time to switch off the TV and lace up the running shoes. With the help of the Kronaby’s “Get moving” feature on Filtered notifications, your Kronaby hybrid smartwatch will even tell you when to get up and do some steps.




The Kronaby community took a total of 3,284,498,301 steps throughout December. That’s an average of 6808 a day! So far, we have just over 1,725,000,000. That means we are well on our way to beat our target for January.
Let’s get moving!


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Connected. Not distracted – André Karlsson


The Master Mechanic from South Sweden on staying in your zone.



With bike culture popularity rapidly growing all over the world, André and with help of the employees at BienVélo are providing the citizens of Malmo and southern Sweden a place to buy and repair “bikes that make you want to take a detour to work”.

We thought André was a perfect candidate for the second installment in the Connected not distracted series, as the BienVélo motto reflects Kronaby’s core message of staying in the moment and removing all distractions.



André has run BienVélo for 4 years now and has a devoting 7 day working week. He lives and breaths cycling and on Saturday afternoons he can get away and let his mind be free without distractions. “cycling is my passion, my work and my meditation”. With the help of Kronaby’s Music control feature Andre can change the music in the shop whilst he is hard at work fixing bikes.“Its great that I can just change the music in the store, this way I can stay focused on what I am doing. If you lose concentration you could forget to tighten a nut"





We would like to thank André Karlsson and BienVélo for taking the time to be a part of our Connected. Not distracted series.

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Connected. Not distracted - Anders de la Motte 


The award-winning Swedish crime novelist on the importance of being bored and staying focused.


In this modern technological day, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stay focused and not get sucked into the endless list of notifications and disrupting bleeps and buzzes. At Kronaby we truly believe in removing all unnecessary distractions and let you focus on the important things in life.

 Connected. Not distracted is video series focusing on individual Kronaby users and their experiences with the watch and how they stay Connected and not distracted.

It only seemed natural to start with Anders de la Motte. A big Kronaby fan from day one, a devoted family man and award-winning crime novelist. We visited Anders in his beautiful home-studio in South Sweden to kick off the first in the series and he happily took the time to sit down with us in his natural habitat.

Anders grew up in the late 70's/80's outside of Helsingborg Sweden. “I was never into football, so there really wasn’t much to do. My mother worked at the library so that’s where I spent a lot of my time. My only way of escaping reality was books”  With the use of the filtered notifications, Anders explains how he can stay connected with his family but also stay in his “little bubble” whilst writing. “If you get distracted it could take you hours to go back. Anders also stresses the importance of “being bored” and reducing screen time in his home. It is here where your mind can rest and make decisions and truly start to be creative. “People these days are not used to being bored, very few people just sit and look out the window”

We would like to thank Anders de la Motte for taking the time to be the first in our Connected. Not distracted series.


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A Kronaby Holiday 


When we say the word “Christmas”, it either brings us back to a euphoric childlike state, with memories filled with bright lights, family and presents. Or more common now, the idea of packed shopping malls, stressful cooking and annoying in-laws.

With a little help from us you can reduce unwanted stress, focus on the things that really matter and experience A Kronaby Holiday.

The definition of A Kronaby Holiday is a holiday where there are no distractions. A holiday where you can put down the phone, give your eyes a rest and let them enjoy the things and people around you.

At Kronaby we believe in being connected and not distracted. Over the holidays we are encouraging our Instagram community to share their “Holiday wish list”. This isn’t a holiday wish list that you are going to send to the man in the red suit, but simply one thing that you want to do over the festive season to stay in the moment. We all know that when you get your phone out for one thing, you end up getting sucked into a 1 hour scrolling session. It could be anything from “I will stay connected and not distracted this holiday by…”

1.    Keeping my phone in the other room whilst I have family over for the holidays
2.    Use the timer on my Kronaby to keep track of the food
3.    Turn up the volume on catchy Christmas songs
4.    Skip repetitive Christmas songs with music control
5.    Take my emails off my notifications to be in 100% holiday mode


By sharing your wish list you are in with a chance of winning your own Kronaby watch. So head over to @Kronaby on Instagram and share your wish list. We look forward to seeing how you plan to stay connected and not distracted this Christmas.  

Happy Holidays from the Kronaby Team!

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Tyler Stalman talks Kronaby 


Tyler and Ania - our friends from Canada, took the time to fly over the Atlantic Ocean to sunny Malmo to create a short video about Kronaby and interview Global product manager - Mats Larsson. Check out the video above to see Tyler and Mats discuss the future of wearable's, the history of Kronaby and much more. Witness the building of a Kronaby watch, up close and personal and the vigorous tests we put our watches through to ensure they are perfect.

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Crown x2 is here

Due to the high demand of requests to our design team through Kronaby Labs, Kronaby users will now be able to assign a second crown feature simultaneously. Simply trigger the second complication by double pressing the Crown.


All watches will gain an additional one feature slot.
• 38mm/41mm (No sub dials) - 2 complications (two assigned to the crown)
• 41mm/43mm (1 Sub dial) - 3 complications (two assigned to the crown, one assigned to the sub dial)
• 43mm (2 sub dials) - 4 complications (two assigned to the crown, one assigned to each sub dial)
The APEX with dual sub dials will now be able to have 4 features assigned at once so there is the possibility of having your Steps, Date, Stopwatch and Second time zone, without having to change anything.

In addition, we have also released an update to the Activity section in the app. Users will now be able to see and compare the steps they have taken the past week. So now it's easy to see and track how often users hit their step goal in a week. They hope this will make it easier and more motivating for the customers to increase their daily activity levels.




Two new features have also been released in our creative playground – Kronaby Labs.
Quiet hours: Set your watch to a “do not disturb” mode whilst you sleep or times where you don’t want to be notified by anyone. Simply go into settings and scroll down to Labs to find Quiet hours.
Out of range: Drag and drop the “Out of range” Icon in the Filtered notifications page and get an alert when your watch disconnects with your phone. Combine this with Find my phone and create an even better tool for those time you misplace your phone.

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Connected. Not distracted - Kronaby Employees 


We sat down with some Kronaby employees to discuss what being Connected. Not distracted means to them. Here is the result.

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Kronaby Heads Back To NYC


Last week Kronaby headed overseas for our second NYC event since we launched stateside in 2017.

Everything kicked off at Avenue Road 8A on October 9th, a perfect venue for Kronaby to host press and influencers from all over New York. Watches were displayed naturally throughout the interior and two “experience corners” which consisted of a photo corner to try out the Camera remote function and a relaxed lounge area to test out the Music control. These had been set up to let people test the technical aspects and thoroughly immerse themselves into a Connected. Not distracted life. Swedish bakery FIKA also provided cinnamon buns and other Swedish delicacies.



The day quickly turned into evening and more press and influencers were invited to a night hosted by Kronaby brand ambassador Matias Varela and Swedish chef and profile Fredrik Berselius with his team from ASKA to compose a fantastic food experience. Guests had a chance to set up their watches and enjoy the experience corners. Global marketing director Henrik Jarl took the guests on a journey through Kronaby’s story with the help of Matias Varela giving his take on the brand and his great working relationship with Kronaby.
Fredrik also gave a speech talking about his daily work as a chef at Aska where he also mentioned his Kronaby watch that he has been using for a while and how it helps him in his hectic life, he used the timer when cooking!



The second event was hosted at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce with many Swedish business partners and start-ups attending. There was an introduction to the Kronaby brand and history, which followed by SACCNY President Anna Throne Holst and Matias Varela delivering an incredibly engaging and humorous interview with great chemistry. Later in the evening Matias' good friend, The Wire lead actor Michael K Williams dropped by and became a Kronaby fan, proudly wearing his Apex.

Overall a very successful trip to NYC from the Kronaby team. We would like to thank Matias Varela, our PR partner ZOI agency and everyone that took the time to attend. Until next time America.


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A Bold New Look


The wait is over! Our new Apex and Sekel models are now available for purchase online and in selected stores. Due to popular demand the new APEX has a 41mm casing for the first time ever. This smaller and sleeker casing gives the APEX an even sportier feel to its sister 43mm watch. The two-layered sandwich construction adds a whole new dimension to the watch face whilst being complimented by the increased Arabic numbers.

Both models have double domed sapphire crystal and Super Luminova hands and indexes for clarity in the dark. Both models have the option of either a 20mm Italian vegetal tanned leather strap or a solid metal bracelet, with solid folding buckles.

Check out the video above for a closer look. The video takes an up-close and personal look at the APEX in all it's glory, focusing on the premium details which are present in all Kronaby watches. 


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 October Highlights


We are coming to you with some exciting news! This October we will be releasing a completely new look for the APEX, two new variants for the SEKEL




APEX 41mm 

From 1st October you will be able to pre-order the new APEX 41mm ready for the in store date of 17th October. The APEX has now been given a 41mm casing and multiple aesthetic updates including a 2-layered sandwich construction and the most noticeable update to the APEX is the Arabic numbers. The 3, 9 and 12 have been increased in size to give the face a distinguishing appearance. The new APEX keeps the original design inspiration from navel gauges and classic speedometers, to give you that sporty finish.



Pre order now and receive a travel case





October 9th and 10th Kronaby and our global ambassador, actor Matias Varela, will host various events in NYC. Teaming up with strong Swedish partners such as ASKA, FIKA and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce we are excited to be back with our second state side event since launching in 2017. Follow Kronaby to see all the updates from the event.

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Back To Work - Business Trips


Business trips can be a strain on anybody's week. The never-ending flights, multiple time zones, foreign languages and new cities. On business trips you don't usually have time to stop and think, so everything needs to run as smoothly as possible. Kronaby is designed to assist your every day and take away some of the little and most irritating things. We believe travelling for business should be as smooth as your holidays. So, here's a few ways you can reduce any unwanted stress when traveling.


Traveling for business can leave you in an internal state of jet lag and time zone confusion, luckily when you land in another time zone your Kronaby watch will automatically locate the right time and change it for you. Gone are the days of trying to work out the time to the exact second, Kronaby has you covered.



It’s one thing having the correct time where you are, but its so easy to accidentally call your partner when they are in a deep sleep on the other side of the world, only for them to be woken up by that intolerable default ringtone at 3 am. With Kronaby Second time you can keep track of the time back home, all over the world. You can either switch on Home time zone and assign the feature to the Crown pusher and just press when you need a gentle reminder if its okay to call home or have your Second time shown permanently on the sub dial.




How many times have you parked your car before a flight, then when you have gone to retrieve it you’ve found yourself lost in the labyrinth of an airport car park? The last thing you want after a business trip is to try and open the door of every silver Ford focus in a two-mile radius. Thanks to Kronaby's Remember this spot feature we have found a solution to locating your car stress-free. Before you leave your car at the airport, press the pusher for Remember this spot and your phone will Geotag the exact location, so you can just With find your way back easily.
Travel shouldn’t be a stressful experience, by taking control over your time zones and geotagging anything and everything you are guaranteed to make sure your trip is as stress free as possible.


#connectednotdistracted #backtowork


For more Kronaby travel tips check out Tyler Stalman's travel guide to Stockholm.



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Back To Work - Office Life


You step through the office doors for the first time in two weeks, your colleagues barely recognize you with your golden tan and it's been so long that a thin layer of dust has matured on your desk. Then you sit down and open your laptop and instantly get bombarded with 200+ emails. Welcome back. With Kronaby going back to work doesn't have to be a stressful experience. We are going to give you a few tips to make going back to work a little easier.

Sales calls… Two words cause the average person to shudder with stress, instantly reminiscing to the 20 calls which occurred last week about car insurance. It might be sales calls or just that annoying friend who has a talent of calling in the middle of meetings, but it only takes a phone call to lose concentration and be disconnected from the task at hand. At Kronaby we believe in eliminating all unnecessary distractions and letting you choose only the most significant people or applications to notify you.




Filtered notifications is the ultimate feature to reduce stress from unwanted calls at work. You choose who deserves your precious time. Assign your important contacts and applications to the three notification settings on your watch. This means when you get a call in the middle of a meeting and your watch doesn't vibrate, it's probably not an important call. So, thanks to your Kronaby watch you don't have to deal with Martin trying to sell you windows at work.


It’s nothing new to hear that we are sitting down too much at work. Did you know the average person spends 12 hours a day sitting down? Believe it or not, whether it is driving, eating, watching tv or working, metabolic syndrome (sitting disease) caused by our passive lifestyles has a serious impact on our lives – more so than people realize!




Kronaby has a solution for this with its Get moving notification. Your Kronaby watch will vibrate if you have been sitting down for more than an hour in one go. If you get a notification, just get up and go for a walk around the office or make a coffee. Simple low-intensity exercise can do wonders for your health both mentally and physically at work.


By reducing annoying unwanted distractions from calls and notifications, combined with getting up and getting the blood flowing every hour, your day will be a little less stressful thanks to Kronaby.

#connectednotdistracted #backtowork

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Back To Work


The first morning back to work after your holiday is always the hardest. You've spent the last two weeks waking up late and having breakfast, then falling back asleep by the pool. It's no surprise that it pains you to set the alarm to 7 am and repeat Monday – Friday or it drives you a little bit mad thinking about the morning rush hour. With Kronaby we want to make going back to work a little easier for everyone with a few simple back to work tips.


Wouldn’t it be great having a personal assistant to help you get ready in the morning? Turn on your lights, make you a coffee and even open your garage door as you leave for work. Well, conveniently enough Kronaby can be the morning assistant you have been waiting for. All the above is possible thanks to IFTTT integration with Kronaby. No more struggling to find the light switch in the winter, wake up and toggle your Philips Hue lights on as you crawl of the bed. Then when you are walking downstairs, why not have your coffee machine create a fresh cup before you have even reached the kitchen with a click of your Kronaby pusher. The future is now!




It is time to leave for work, however the inevitable has happened. You have lost your phone. You get your partner to call it, but of course, it's on silent. With Kronaby we have solved the great game of mobile Marco Polo with the Find my phone feature. Never again will you have to go on the morning sofa expedition or interrogate the entire house, just to find out its been in your jacket pocket the entire time. Simply hold down the Crown button on your Kronaby for 3 seconds and your phone will start playing an enthusiastic ringtone which will lead you to its whereabouts.




IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”. It is a program designed to get all your apps talking to each other. Kronaby has teamed up with IFTTT to give the user a potentially unlimited list of functions. So just set up your account, connect and open up a new world of connectivity from your wrist. Connected. Not Distracted.

For more information about IFTTT go to


#connectednotdistracted #backtowork


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Connect your phone and watch together and chose your features. Smart hybrid watch that looks stylish.

7 reasons to go for a hybrid watch

Welcome to the future. The Kronaby connected hybrid watch does more than just look good. Here are 7 things you can do with your connected watch.

1. Count your steps.
By the push of a watch you can monitor the percentage of steps you take every day.

2. Take a photo.
No more selfie arm, just click the watch to take the picture. It connects with your phone and triggers it to take the picture.

3. Filter notifications.
Your watch vibrates to notify you of calls, messages and other things you choose. You no longer need to take up your phone to check and then get stuck for hours.

4. Control your music.
With a Kronaby hybrid watch you can impress by controlling music, such as Spotify, directly from your watch. 

5. Time it.
The Kronaby watch comes with a timer and stopwatch. You can e.g. set it to vibrate when your selected time is up. Simple and useful. 

6. Walk home safe.

"Walk me home" lets you connect with a friend (who doesn't need to have a Kronaby watch) and you can notify your friend that you're in danger just by clicking the watch. 

7. Connect to IFTTT 

If This Then That lets you control all your connected devices in your house, like your coffee machine, your lights, garage door etc. Now the Kronaby watch lets you do the same with the click of a button.

The Kronaby watch offers many more features and you can find them all here.

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Kronaby X NYC

 In our quest to show the world our connected watches,
we are now meeting NYC

In introducing our watches to the world we have met Madrid, London and Paris. Now we're taking over New York. In the City that never sleeps it's key to stay focused on what matters to you. On the 11th of October we are showcasing Kronaby watches, hosted by one of the New Yorkers who knows all about the essence of saving time.

When we met London our event was co-hosted by Vanity Fair's 'Our Man on the Street, Derek Blasberg. Our New York event will be hosted by the fashionable Kronaby fan Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Through our Instagram and Instastories you can follow the event, with Q&A's and other cool stuff. 

2017 has been a major year for us. We launched our connected watches in the beginning of this year, now we have shipped to more than 30 countries - the US being one of them. So far you can find us in stores across the country, and with great response.

Follow the official Instagram account for Kronaby for the latest updates: #KronabyMeetsNYC

In New York and craving a Kronaby? Check out the Danielle B store on 871, 7th Ave.  

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Showing how Per uses his smart watch

A man and his Kronaby watch

How the Kronaby Sekel fit into my life 

I've used my Kronaby Sekel for 7 months. It's core - the filtered notifications - have enabled the most important people in life, my wife and our investor, to get hold of me when needed. A favorite feature has also been "walk me home", but not mainly for those late nights (Stockholm is a safe city) but for my wife to know that I leave the office when I say I do.

Being a modern and ambitious manager, I tend to always be on the run. The passion for work and a calendar that fills quickly makes me forget to prioritize myself. Typically ends with me staying late at the office when I'd rather be home with my newborn daughter. 

IFTTT adds a booster to an already powerful setup. I've now enabled my Kronaby to block the next hour in my calendar when needed. And for people to know when I'm available for a chat again it now also posts a message in my team's channel on Slack when I'm back at my desk.

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Connect your phone and your Kronaby watch

Experiencing the Kronaby watch

Mr. Salt and Pepper tried the Kronaby watch
This is his story

Introducing… Kronaby Sweden!

We live in an age where digital presence is encouraged and social engagement is rewarded, I often challenge myself to be off the grid. The idea of being disconnected thrills me but also makes me feel very left out.

From the minute I wake to the moment I close my eyes, I spend most of my day glued to my iPhone. *square eyes* I check emails, double tap on Instagram, stalk exes on Facebook and discover new music on Spotify. It is so easy to be distracted and lose focus on things that matter to us the most.

Several weeks ago, I met guys a Kronaby Sweden who introduced me to their connected watches. They combine traditional watchmaking and technology that goes way beyond time. The watch is connected to your smartphone, so it allows you to filter notifications. I can choose who and what is allowed to notify me when I’m out and about. Therefore, I spend less time checking my phone and more time being productive.

My Kronaby connected watch vibrates once when I receive an email, twice when I receive a text and three times when someone important is calling me. *boom* Also, I use it to monitor my daily steps. It’s not easy to reach 20k every day, so the watch notifies me when I’ve been inactive for too long. The watch is a perfect fit to my daily life and helps to keep my hands off my iPhone when unnecessary. Oh, and the battery lasts up to 2 years, so your life never goes on hold!

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Connecting IFTTT and the Kronaby watch

This is my experience with the Kronaby Watch and IFTTT

I have always considered myself a bit of a technophobe. Though I am an owner of multiple ‘gadgets’ and the latest iPhone, most of them were gifts trying to encourage my interest in tech. It worked. I can truthfully say I don’t use all these ‘gadgets’ (apart from my iPhone and Phillips Hue light bulbs) on a daily, weekly and sometimes monthly basis. Gadgets are supposed to make your life simpler but I found they sometimes made life more complex and time consuming. This changed however when I received my Kronaby watch.

I now rely on my Kronaby and it’s functions for my everyday needs – music on my work commute; I now never need take my eyes off the busy London pavements to skip my tunes to suit my current mood.

Walk me home is a huge comfort to myself and my loved ones for the occasions I make my way home late at night to an empty house, all while I keep my phone safely in my jacket pocket.

The function that probably excites me most is IFTTT that connects with my favorite gadget I use: Phillips Hue light bulbs. I have two fabulous settings with Phillips Hue, one for cooking which provides me with bright natural light in my kitchen and the second is my ‘party’ mode. Bright clashing coloured lights give my house a new persona in the evenings. Now, with a push on my pusher, my lights turn on to my first setting for cooking. 3 pushes changes the scene to ‘party’ and 2 turns my lights off. 

When I mentioned that gadgets are supposed to make life simpler, Kronaby is the perfect example. No more fussing on my iPhone looking for the correct setting for my light bulbs, no more rushed texts to say I’m on my way home and no more distracted walks on my way to work. My Kronaby watch has made realised that perhaps I’m not the technophobe I considered myself to be. 

1 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Sophie Muggleton, Communications Specialist, London UK

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Do you sometimes miss if your watch vibrated 1, 2 or 3 times? Not to worry we have updated the hands on our watches to indicate what kind of notification you received. The hands will point to 1, 2 or 3 to enhance the experience depending on the notification. So, take a glance at the watch on your wrist when it vibrates. You will also see when the hands go back to their normal position thats one of our personal favourites.

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3 ways to treat her on Mother's day

We all agree that there’s no job quite like being a mom, right? Mother’s day is just around the corner and you’re probably trying to plan the perfect day for the women in your life. We’ve taken the time (so you don't have to), gathering our best tips on how you can spoil your mum without spending a penny.

  1. Take her to the movies at your place – give her the exclusive rights to the remote for the night. It’s her day and entirely up to her what to watch.
  2. Create a daughter/son and mother memory journal – Combine all those timeless memories in a photo journal, the more nostalgic the better.
  3. Give her a mom-day off and cook her favorite meal.

Stay connected this Mother’s day with the ones you love.

1 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

We are now in stores

We are happy to share the news that you can find the Kronaby watches in stores. Control your playlist, count your steps, take a selfie and explore what it's like being connected, never distracted.
Find your nearest retailer below

Jönköpings län
August Petersson & Son – Gislaved
Ur & Guld i Gnosjö – Gnosjö
Klockmaster A6 – Jönköping
Klockmaster Tranås – Tranås
Klockmaster Palms Ur – Nässjö

Västra Götalands län
Klockmaster Falköping – Falköping
Klockmaster Falkenberg – Falkenberg
Klockmaster Hansson – Frölunda
Klockmaster Jälmers Ur – Borås
Klockmaster Kungälv – Kungälv
Klockmaster Liljas – Trollhättan
Klockmaster Rådhs Ur – Alingsås
Klockmaster Schutz Ur – Göteborg
Klockmaster Stenhede Guld och Silver - Stenungsund
Kungs Ur – Kungsbacka
Magnussons Eftr Aktiebolag – Göteborg
Smycka T.Gullbergs Ur & Guld – Partille
Stjärnurmakarna Gyllene Ting – Göteborg
Klockmaster Ulricehamn – Ulricehamn

Mobilia Ur – Malmö
Appelkvist Ur – Lund
Glensia – Malmö
Klockmaster Larssons Ur – Lund
Klockmaster Sjöbackens Ur – Malmö
Rydbergs Ur – Väla
Stjärnurmakarna – Landskrona
Stjärnurmakarna Nova Lund – Lund
Stjärnurmakarna Wetterstrands Ur – Ystad
Sven Palmqvist Ur – Kristianstad

Stjärnurmakarna Sturegallerian
Klockmaster Globen
Klockmaster Fältöversten

Klockmaster – Linköping

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1 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Kronaby on the renowned 33-list

We are so happy to share that we once again made it as one of 33 winners on the renowned 33-listan, founded by Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik.The purpose of 33-listan is to present which very promising tech-companies have the opportunity to become future big corporations. The announcements were made last night at the event taking place at Munchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.

Click here to read more about us and the 33 list.



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Visit us at hall 2 C57

Greetings from Baselworld!
You guessed it – Kronaby had a booth in Baselworld this year as well. But this year everything is different; this year we are proudly showing everyone our beautiful collection of 24 connected watches and a completely unique user experience.
For those who are not that involved in the watch world – Baselworld is for watches what Fashion weeks are for Luis Vuitton. It is one of the most important events of the year to present watches to the world and to meet the who’s-who in the watch and jewelry world. Our team has had a full schedule with meetings with journalists and partners, and we have received excellent feedback from countless watch enthusiasts and passers-by.
If you still are at the show you are more than welcome to join us for a cup of coffee and we will show you what we are about in our booth in hall 2.0 c57.


1 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

My Kronaby helps me value the time

Hello there!
My name is Pontus Ehrner and I work as a UX designer at Kronaby. This how I use my Kronaby watch.

The beauty of the Kronaby watch hits you instantly. The beauty of using it unfolds over time.

As I have worn my Kronaby watch every day for quite some time now, let me tell you about how I use it.
As much as I love my phone—and I do love my phone—I’m also aware of the negative ways it changes my behavior. I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself looking up from the screen, wondering what it was I was supposed to do.

By filtering the notifications, I only stop what I am doing when my watch vibrates. Sometimes I hear my phone making a noise but as long as my watch doesn’t vibrate I continue with the task at hand. This empowers me and makes me feel in control. Because as much as I need to work uninterrupted I also don’t want to miss an important call from my daughter’s school.

The timer is a given tool in the kitchen but more than that I have started using it for other, less obvious things. Like letting the kids know when the last 15 minutes of TV-time is up or reminding myself when to leave for a meeting. And recently I have started to use it to time short chunks of concentrated work sessions.

Every time I pause or skip a track with my Kronaby watch I know that I have avoided a potential side track. I no longer find myself scrolling my Instagram feed for five minutes because I didn’t like the current song. And, living in Sweden during winter, I appreciate the ability to control music with my gloves on.

The Kronaby watch not only tells me the time, it helps me value my time and what I do with it.


2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Pontus Ehrner

Mikael Damberg - The Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation visits Kronaby

Mikael Damberg, the Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, visited Kronaby last Thursday. Kronaby’s CO-founders Thomas and Sarandis guided the Minister through our office and showed him everything from design to production. Did you know that we have a pre-production line and electrical/mechanical lab right here in our office in Malmö?

We were very excited to show Mikael Damberg how the watches are created and made – from idea to ready-to-wear watch. Mikael Damberg was impressed by the work we have done in only 1,5 years. We are humble and proud to have shown Mikael Damberg around our office just one week after the launch. As a start-up, it confirms that we are on the right track.

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

The Kronaby collection

Pre-order your watch now and get additional two years’ warranty!

We are so proud to finally have launched Kronaby. The name itself is a combination of two words: “Krona” is the Swedish word for crown and “By” means village. When kicking of this project we had a belief that everyone in their heart has an “inner personal village” where time almost stops. Pending whom we ask it can be when you go running, spend time with your loved ones i.e. moments where you have peace of mind. While being in these moments, you still want to be somewhat connected. With Kronaby, we aim to help people to be connected but not distracted.
Can an authentic timepiece be a smart timepiece? The answer is the connected Kronaby movement that is developed in-house by our top software and hardware engineers in Malmö – providing a battery life up to two years. On top of that the watch can count your steps, control music playlists and it also lets you choose who or what can get hold of you through the filtered notifications. The possibilities are endless – check out all the features here

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

New year's update

We are ready to launch the watches – are you READY?

2016 was the year of product development and planning for our big launch. It’s only 16 days left until you finally can place your order. You can already get a preview of the models on our Instagram.

It’s a new year which is equal to new year’s resolutions, right? Live life to the fullest is one of this year's most popular New year’s resolution according to the data pulled from Google by iQuant, which has increased with 13% since last year. Sometimes we are so focused on the future that we forgot to enjoy what’s important right now. We think we should shift our focus back to what we are experiencing and enjoy these moments to the fullest. Easier said than done, not to mention all the distractions that keep interrupting and not least from our smartphones.

So, what if your watch could remove the distractions and reclaim control over your time? This year we are aiming to change the way we are using technology by making technology more human and you’ll find out exactly how on January 26th.

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Introducing our models

The Holiday season is here and we hope that you are able to relax and enjoy the moment. This is something we really care about. You have heard us talking about how we want to give you and people out there a chance to stay in the now and avoid being constantly available. The Human Technology philosophy is something we truly believe in and that is also evident in the way our collection is outlined. In only 1 month the world will see the first Kronaby collection, including 4 models. APEX, SEKEL, NORD and CARAT will have their own characteristics that will make your everyday life easier.

Maybe you are following us on Facebook and Instagram and have seen more details from our Collection? If not, then go there and check it out.

We are revealing new details every week until the big launch so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned and preorder your watch on January 26th!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

We are counting the days

It’s only 50 days left until 26th of January when we will reveal Kronaby, a Swedish connected watch collection, for the very first time.

The upcoming holidays are for unplugging, right? We all need to unplug during vacations and recharge our batteries from time to time. But prior to unplugging we are about to reveal new details about the Kronaby watch collection and its models. First out is APEX. Configured with motion, durability and legibility in mind, the Kronaby APEX takes you one step further. By giving you a way to disconnect without missing out what’s important, we truly believe that we’re paving the way to the future of watchmaking. This is Human technology.

Our story continues in the new Kronaby Facebook and Instagram pages. Make sure to follow us as we are revealing more details about the Kronaby collection. Simply put, we are merging Swiss watchmaking tradition with world leading engineering and Scandinavian design. We will tell you even more very soon. So, this is APEX, but there is more to come the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Why are so many people still not using smart watches?

According to various surveys, consumers often complain about smart watches being too large and that they look like gadgets – something that consumers don’t want. When the IDC questioned 1500 American consumers, they found that manufacturers should put more focus on appearance and design, rather than just on technical features. As it looks now, ditching the square design in favor of a circular look is not enough for the consumer. We believe that it is time to acknowledge that most consumers don’t want to wear something ordinary, even if it offers tons of features. Simply put, we don’t want to wear a watch that looks like a gadget.

Our thinking started around the watch when we first initiated the project. Our highest priority was to create a watch that did not compromise in any way on design, materials and the details. We put the design of the watch at top priority. It’s not only about that we selected materials that withstand tough environments and usage, but also that the watch should last for years and years without becoming obsolete, which is the case with a lot of technical products today.

We are questioning the norm that one watch with one set of functions fits everyone. We believe technology should adapt to our lives and support us, not the other way around. This approach Human technology is at the core of our work; a common thread through everything from concept and design to development and user experience. We will let you know exactly how on the World Premiere of Kronaby on January 26th!

Check out IDC’s infographics for more information about what consumers think about wearables.

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Are you ready to make technology human?

Hello Kronaby friends,
We are so excited to launch our call for new team members. We have grown from being 15 employees in September 2015 when the company was founded to 70 employees and growing. Now we are looking for three new marketing professionals; a Graphic designer, a Marketeer and PR & Communications manager, who want to be part of our mission to make technology human. So, what does technology made human mean?

There is a difference between utilizing technology to facilitate our lives and to dissolve human connections. Internet and social platforms are two examples on how technology has made our lives simpler by providing us convenient ways to connect with our loved ones, no matter how far they are. On the other hand, technology can also divide us from others, no matter how near we are from each other. One example is the latest installation of automated ordering and paying at the corner coffee stores that forces us to order from the screen even when there’s no line. Sometimes we don’t want technology to replace human connection, no matter how small or short that connection may be.

So how can Kronaby help people to disconnect without missing anything important? Simply put, our watches are built around the human of today and the celebration of our genuine experiences and true connections with one another. The question remains; are you ready to make technology human?

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Less than 100 days!

Hello Kronaby friends.
Less than 100 days remain until you can get the very first glimpse of the watches! Most of you already know that the big day is on the 26th of January. You will also get the chance to pre-order your watch so be sure to write it down in your calendar or just subscribe for our newsletter so you don’t miss any news from us. We promise to keep you posted!

Kronaby is growing fast and we are now looking for more team members to join the Kronaby family. We are actually seeking a PR & Communications manager to the marketing team. This is a perfect opportunity for you who want to shape the debate and challenge the watch industry together with us. The team consist of our Marketing Director Henrik, Pilvi who’s in charge of Digital Media, our PR consultant Sabina, our two marketers Viola and Paula and myself Apollonia. I’m driving the brand ambassador program and our blog. We are a great team with so many fun things to do that we want to experience with a new team member. Is that you? Let us know and apply here!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Technology made human

It has almost been a month since we introduced Kronaby to the world and we are thankful for the great response we have received so far. Now we are focusing on what’s coming next including the product launch in January and the upcoming activities.

We firmly believe that technology is fantastic but only if it adds value to you. This view is at the core of our work here at Kronaby in everything we do. We are extremely selective with Kronaby’s features, as there is no reason for functions that don’t serve a real purpose for you. We have found evidence for this in our everyday lives as we can see that a culture has been developed where people must feel they are constantly available.

Tristan Harris, the co-founder of Time Well Spent, held a very interesting TED Talk about the future of technology. He highlighted the importance of spending our time well and asked “what does the future of technology look like when you're designing for the deepest human values?" We believe that we have an answer for that. Not only do we want to make technology human, we also want to build a community and show the world that technology does not need to disrupt our lives - as long as it is developed in favor of human needs.

We would love to continue discussing this, as we find this topic extremely interesting, but it would be unfair to you guys as we haven’t told you that much yet and how the Kronaby watch help you manage your time more efficiently. The best is still to come and we are continuing our journey to launch the next generation of watches so stay tuned!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

The story of Kronaby

At Kronaby we love the looks and feel of a classic timepiece, but understand that it can be so much more. So how did we come up with this idea and how did it all started?  

First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pål, and I am the CEO of Kronaby, Sweden. I spent a number years of working within the consumer electronic industry. We created products that would convince ordinary people to use innovative technical solutions and advance features, driven more from a “what can be done “rather than “what do I need” perspective. My colleagues and I realized that a product that really makes sense is missing. We wanted to challenge the industry and make a product that would facilitate people’s day to day lives. We wanted to create products utilizing technology and innovation centering on the individual. We call this Human technology. Technology and innovation is fantastic but it needs to be designed in a way that will solve a real problem and address it in a way that gives value every day to the end user.

We decided to give this a real shot. We gathered the best people from various backgrounds, individually and professionally. We thought a lot about how we have created a society where technology is a distraction and disabler rather than an enabler for many people. We wanted to develop a product that would make everyday life easier and less stressful. The Kronaby watch was a natural first step because a beautiful connected watch was the missing piece in our own lives. At Kronaby, we believe that we have been able to create watches supported with relevant features and services that solve personal needs. We merged our Scandinavian design heritage with the traditional watch making industry to design something beautiful but also smart. Our creation will be launched on January 26th.

This is the new generation of watches. 

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Pål

We are continuing our journey

Hello Kronaby friends,
We launched our brand two weeks ago and we are thrilled to see that journalists from all around the world picked up our story including Watchpro, GulfElite, EuropaStar, Sydsvenskan and Mobil. The response has been great and we are now focusing on our product announcement in 2017 – the show must go on.

Yesterday we met with Kristian Haagen in Copenhagen. Many of you watch enthusiasts know about him already but for those who don’t, Kristian is a well-known watch journalist and author of six books. It was really exciting to show him the watches and hear his thoughts. It was quite fascinating to see his passion for watches and most importantly, we are so happy that Kristian loved the watches! He was surprised by the fact that it was a real watch – he was expecting it to be something else than what it is. Don’t worry, you will also get the chance to find out coming forward. Meanwhile, we are continuing our journey to bring the next generation of watches to the market.

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Recap from Precious

Wow! It has been an amazing weekend at Precious where we’ve met many interesting retailers and distributors. The response from our visitors has been overwhelming which can only indicate that we are onto something big!  What? How? When? Don’t worry, you’ll find out. However, 2017 is fast approaching so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

We are also thrilled to see that Kronaby has been noticed in the media as well! WatchPro, EuropaStar, 8till5 and have already written about our brand launch. We are so appreciative for all of your support and encouragement. We can't wait to show you what we are about!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

Live from Precious

Meet the KRONABY team! Johan and Jonas (in the middle) are heading sales here in Sweden and in the rest of Scandinavia. They are excited to show our watch collection to selected distributors and retailers. If you are a distributor, agent or retailer and would like to meet up with them, please fill out the contact form here.

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia

It’s time to break the silence!

For the past few months, we have only communicated externally as Anima and it feels great to start this new chapter. It is an intense and exciting journey and we are happy that we may finally tell you about the launch of Kronaby - a new contemporary watch brand.

Tomorrow we are exhibiting at Precious, the Nordic watch & jewelry fair in Stockholm where we will talk more about our brand and offering to selected distributors and retailers. Please come visit us at Precious, booth F05! For those of you who will not be attending Precious, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

2 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Apollonia