Connecting IFTTT and the Kronaby watch

This is my experience with the Kronaby Watch and IFTTT

I have always considered myself a bit of a technophobe. Though I am an owner of multiple ‘gadgets’ and the latest iPhone, most of them were gifts trying to encourage my interest in tech. It worked. I can truthfully say I don’t use all these ‘gadgets’ (apart from my iPhone and Phillips Hue light bulbs) on a daily, weekly and sometimes monthly basis. Gadgets are supposed to make your life simpler but I found they sometimes made life more complex and time consuming. This changed however when I received my Kronaby watch.

I now rely on my Kronaby and it’s functions for my everyday needs – music on my work commute; I now never need take my eyes off the busy London pavements to skip my tunes to suit my current mood.

Walk me home is a huge comfort to myself and my loved ones for the occasions I make my way home late at night to an empty house, all while I keep my phone safely in my jacket pocket.

The function that probably excites me most is IFTTT that connects with my favorite gadget I use: Phillips Hue light bulbs. I have two fabulous settings with Phillips Hue, one for cooking which provides me with bright natural light in my kitchen and the second is my ‘party’ mode. Bright clashing coloured lights give my house a new persona in the evenings. Now, with a push on my pusher, my lights turn on to my first setting for cooking. 3 pushes changes the scene to ‘party’ and 2 turns my lights off. 

When I mentioned that gadgets are supposed to make life simpler, Kronaby is the perfect example. No more fussing on my iPhone looking for the correct setting for my light bulbs, no more rushed texts to say I’m on my way home and no more distracted walks on my way to work. My Kronaby watch has made realised that perhaps I’m not the technophobe I considered myself to be. 

1 years ago | Publicado por: Sophie Muggleton, Communications Specialist, London UK