Are you ready to make technology human?

Hello Kronaby friends,
We are so excited to launch our call for new team members. We have grown from being 15 employees in September 2015 when the company was founded to 70 employees and growing. Now we are looking for three new marketing professionals; a Graphic designer, a Marketeer and PR & Communications manager, who want to be part of our mission to make technology human. So, what does technology made human mean?

There is a difference between utilizing technology to facilitate our lives and to dissolve human connections. Internet and social platforms are two examples on how technology has made our lives simpler by providing us convenient ways to connect with our loved ones, no matter how far they are. On the other hand, technology can also divide us from others, no matter how near we are from each other. One example is the latest installation of automated ordering and paying at the corner coffee stores that forces us to order from the screen even when there’s no line. Sometimes we don’t want technology to replace human connection, no matter how small or short that connection may be.

So how can Kronaby help people to disconnect without missing anything important? Simply put, our watches are built around the human of today and the celebration of our genuine experiences and true connections with one another. The question remains; are you ready to make technology human?

2 years ago | Posted by: Apollonia