Kronaby launches fresh 2.0 app update and Kronaby Labs, to coincide with new SKU release.

2018-05-23 08:00

Kronaby are excited to announce the release of their new and improved IOS and Android app. The new update has been designed with one thing in mind – The user.

The polished new interface will now display each watch with a unique colour depending on the model, to create an even more unique experience for the user. The display will now also show the complete watch including wrist strap. All these visual changes have been made without losing the signature Scandinavian aesthetic of the Kronaby brand.

Not only has the visual look of the app been updated, but a range of software improvements have taken place to make the app run smoothly and provide even more features including:

 • Better Bluetooth connection with app update.

 • Added Stop Watch by user request.

• Added Find Phone any time the user holds down the crown for 3 seconds.

• Added possibility to have more important apps on IOS.

• Updated the watch Firmware to add features and solve bugs

• Made onboarding and reconnecting a little smoother.

• IFTTT as notifications

• Added Lost Watch.

• Added Home Time Zone to automatically switch to second time when traveling.


Kronaby Labs

Alongside the new app, Kronaby have developed a light testing program called “Kronaby Labs”. Avid fans of the brand will be able to sign up and test exclusive features before they are released.
New handy features will be released regularly for customer evaluation.

Expect us to try and add even more value around helping our users stay Connected. Not distracted. Also, experiments like habit trackers and more quirky features like a dice will be made available. Possibilities are endless, with plans to bring in IOT integration and further exciting features in the coming year.

With a uniquely identifiable plum skin, the user will be able to differentiate between the regular features and Labs. Kronaby labs is a creative space where our developers can let their imagination run wild, inevitably ending up with some exciting creations straight from the heart of Kronaby.


 Labs 1


The main goal for labs is to create a platform to experiment with features which may not be ready for the public. The Kronaby enthusiasts will have a direct channel to the designers to give feedback, this is where we will be able to gather vital feedback from our most valuable customers. Expect much more from Labs!

*Kronaby Labs will only be released in English and not translated*