Connected. Not distracted – André Karlsson


The Master Mechanic from South Sweden on staying in your zone.



With bike culture popularity rapidly growing all over the world, André and with help of the employees at BienVélo are providing the citizens of Malmo and southern Sweden a place to buy and repair “bikes that make you want to take a detour to work”.

We thought André was a perfect candidate for the second installment in the Connected not distracted series, as the BienVélo motto reflects Kronaby’s core message of staying in the moment and removing all distractions.



André has run BienVélo for 4 years now and has a devoting 7 day working week. He lives and breaths cycling and on Saturday afternoons he can get away and let his mind be free without distractions. “cycling is my passion, my work and my meditation”. With the help of Kronaby’s Music control feature Andre can change the music in the shop whilst he is hard at work fixing bikes.“Its great that I can just change the music in the store, this way I can stay focused on what I am doing. If you lose concentration you could forget to tighten a nut"





We would like to thank André Karlsson and BienVélo for taking the time to be a part of our Connected. Not distracted series.

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