Showing how Per uses his smart watch

A man and his Kronaby watch

How the Kronaby Sekel fit into my life 

I've used my Kronaby Sekel for 7 months. It's core - the filtered notifications - have enabled the most important people in life, my wife and our investor, to get hold of me when needed. A favorite feature has also been "walk me home", but not mainly for those late nights (Stockholm is a safe city) but for my wife to know that I leave the office when I say I do.

Being a modern and ambitious manager, I tend to always be on the run. The passion for work and a calendar that fills quickly makes me forget to prioritize myself. Typically ends with me staying late at the office when I'd rather be home with my newborn daughter. 

IFTTT adds a booster to an already powerful setup. I've now enabled my Kronaby to block the next hour in my calendar when needed. And for people to know when I'm available for a chat again it now also posts a message in my team's channel on Slack when I'm back at my desk.

1 years ago | Veröffentlicht von: Per Clingweld