Why are so many people still not using smart watches?

According to various surveys, consumers often complain about smart watches being too large and that they look like gadgets – something that consumers don’t want. When the IDC questioned 1500 American consumers, they found that manufacturers should put more focus on appearance and design, rather than just on technical features. As it looks now, ditching the square design in favor of a circular look is not enough for the consumer. We believe that it is time to acknowledge that most consumers don’t want to wear something ordinary, even if it offers tons of features. Simply put, we don’t want to wear a watch that looks like a gadget.

Our thinking started around the watch when we first initiated the project. Our highest priority was to create a watch that did not compromise in any way on design, materials and the details. We put the design of the watch at top priority. It’s not only about that we selected materials that withstand tough environments and usage, but also that the watch should last for years and years without becoming obsolete, which is the case with a lot of technical products today.

We are questioning the norm that one watch with one set of functions fits everyone. We believe technology should adapt to our lives and support us, not the other way around. This approach Human technology is at the core of our work; a common thread through everything from concept and design to development and user experience. We will let you know exactly how on the World Premiere of Kronaby on January 26th!

Check out IDC’s infographics for more information about what consumers think about wearables.

2 years ago | 送信したのは: Apollonia