2017-03-22 10:00



Malmö, Sweden — March 22nd 2017: The contemporary watch brand Kronaby is available online for purchase in Europe from March 31st. The collection was first unveiled in January of this year and consists of 4 models - APEX, SEKEL, NORD and CARAT. These models are available in 24 variants inspired by Scandinavian design and classic watchmaking tradition.

 The Kronaby watch will be available at From Mid-April, the collection will be in select stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus and the UK. The price ranges from 345 EUR- 595 EUR.

Sarandis Kalogeropulos, Co-founder of Kronaby, announces:
“Kronaby is part of a new paradigm shift within watchmaking. We believe that the connected watch movement will be the next industry standard for contemporary watch wearers. The upcoming launch is exciting and we anticipate the reaction with great enthusiasm. The watch has been available for pre-orders with a great response and to now receive real-time feedback from authentic wearers will be a fantastic experience. I´m sure they will feel as proud wearing a Kronaby watch as we are.”

The Kronaby Connected Premium Watch Collection offers, when paired with a smartphone, a unique set of features and a battery life of up to 2 years, making charging obsolete. Together with the Kronaby application the watch offer features such as Filtered Notifications, Auto Time Zone, Silent Alarm, Get Moving, Music Control, Camera Remote, Walk Me Home, Remember This Spot and Timer to mention some. All carefully chosen and designed to make the user stay connected but not distracted. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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