Get Moving!



Attention all Kronaby owners! 2019 is the year to get moving.


Our New Year’s resolution is to move more and increase our steps. As our first goal we are trying to beat the total steps taken in December. We all know December is a lazy month full of cold dark evenings inside and eating holiday chocolate. So, time to get up from those chairs and get away from the desks. Time to switch off the TV and lace up the running shoes. With the help of the Kronaby’s “Get moving” feature on Filtered notifications, your Kronaby hybrid smartwatch will even tell you when to get up and do some steps.




The Kronaby community took a total of 3,284,498,301 steps throughout December. That’s an average of 6808 a day! So far, we have just over 1,725,000,000. That means we are well on our way to beat our target for January.
Let’s get moving!


2 months ago | Posted by: Jack Crofts