Kronaby Sweden

2018-03-14 17:00

About Kronaby

The philosophy behind Kronaby is to shift the focus back to getting most out of what we are experiencing and to take part of those experiences to their fullest. To make you experience more in life. Making the everyday surprisingly easy and allowing you to spend your time where your heart is. Kronaby want you to be able to experience more in life and help you reclaim control over your time. This is called ‘Technology Made Human’.

Kronaby’s Luxury connected watches are a nod to classic watchmaking tradition blended with today’s demand for modern smart technology. This new generation of watches seamlessly combines world-leading engineering and state-of-the-art Scandinavian design.

The Kronaby Connected Movement is developed in-house by top software and hardware engineers in Sweden - providing endless possibilities. Together with the Kronaby application the watch offers features such as Filtered Notifications, Auto Time Zone, Silent Alarm, Get Moving, Music control, Camera remote and Timer to mention some. All carefully chosen and designed to make the user stay connected but not distracted.
The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS. With the user-friendly interface and seamlessly Scandinavian design, The Kronaby application provides the user with a personally tailored watch experience.


Anima is a Swedish technology company specializing in smart, purposefully designed, connected products. The company is located in Malmö, Sweden and employs a team of 70 people. Anima is backed by the Chinese company Goertek Inc, listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.