A Kronaby Holiday 


When we say the word “Christmas”, it either brings us back to a euphoric childlike state, with memories filled with bright lights, family and presents. Or more common now, the idea of packed shopping malls, stressful cooking and annoying in-laws.

With a little help from us you can reduce unwanted stress, focus on the things that really matter and experience A Kronaby Holiday.

The definition of A Kronaby Holiday is a holiday where there are no distractions. A holiday where you can put down the phone, give your eyes a rest and let them enjoy the things and people around you.

At Kronaby we believe in being connected and not distracted. Over the holidays we are encouraging our Instagram community to share their “Holiday wish list”. This isn’t a holiday wish list that you are going to send to the man in the red suit, but simply one thing that you want to do over the festive season to stay in the moment. We all know that when you get your phone out for one thing, you end up getting sucked into a 1 hour scrolling session. It could be anything from “I will stay connected and not distracted this holiday by…”

1.    Keeping my phone in the other room whilst I have family over for the holidays
2.    Use the timer on my Kronaby to keep track of the food
3.    Turn up the volume on catchy Christmas songs
4.    Skip repetitive Christmas songs with music control
5.    Take my emails off my notifications to be in 100% holiday mode


By sharing your wish list you are in with a chance of winning your own Kronaby watch. So head over to @Kronaby on Instagram and share your wish list. We look forward to seeing how you plan to stay connected and not distracted this Christmas.  

Happy Holidays from the Kronaby Team!

3 months ago | Posted by: Jack Crofts