Valentine's Day. No distractions 


Have you ever had a Valentine’s day full of distractions? Maybe you have had of those dates where both of you are at dinner, searching for the meaning of life staring into the bright light of your smartphones? Or how about where you have waited for your partner to turn their apartment upside down searching for their phone, whilst you sit down wondering what is going on behind those closed doors? Well, the Kronaby mission this Valentine’s is to give you a day with no distractions, to avoid all the above. A date night. Done right. So here are four ways to ensure you have a Connected. Not distracted Valentine’s day with some help from Kronaby.

1. Never miss a call from your partner – There is nothing more frustrating than calling your partner ten times and still getting no answer. Even worse, having to leave a voice message… Get your partner a Kronaby hybrid smartwatch this Valentine’s day and set yourself up as a contact in Filter Notifications. This way your partner will be notified every time you call or message them. Problem solved.

2. Find your phone in seconds - Let’s face it, most of us struggle to leave the house without our phones. It’s understandable, for some everything is connected to our smartphones. So why not take away the struggle of finding it when you’ve buried it under a mountain of clothes whilst getting ready. Simply hold down the crown for 3x seconds and your phone will start playing a melody, leading you right to its location. This way you won’t leave that special someone waiting out in the cold for you.



3. Set the mood – We have all gone home once or twice in our lives after one of “those dates” where you’ve tried to be smooth and it inevitably backfires. Well luckily enough with Kronaby we are here to lend you a hand, so you can be that smooth person you have always wanted with guaranteed results. With IFTTT you can control almost any connected product with a push of a button. So why not turn your lights on and change them to a soft red mood light.

4. Skip the embarrassment
– Imagine the horror of sitting down with your Valentine’s date and you put on your “mood setter” playlist on your streaming service. It’s all going to plan, until someone has snuck in a song from your “guilty pleasures” playlist. However, with Kronaby Music control, you can change the song before your date has even noticed the intro to that embarrassing song.

However you decide to spend the most romantic day of the year. Try and make it Connected. Not distracted.

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1 months ago | Publié par: Jack Crofts