Crown x2 is here

Due to the high demand of requests to our design team through Kronaby Labs, Kronaby users will now be able to assign a second crown feature simultaneously. Simply trigger the second complication by double pressing the Crown.


All watches will gain an additional one feature slot.
• 38mm/41mm (No sub dials) - 2 complications (two assigned to the crown)
• 41mm/43mm (1 Sub dial) - 3 complications (two assigned to the crown, one assigned to the sub dial)
• 43mm (2 sub dials) - 4 complications (two assigned to the crown, one assigned to each sub dial)
The APEX with dual sub dials will now be able to have 4 features assigned at once so there is the possibility of having your Steps, Date, Stopwatch and Second time zone, without having to change anything.

In addition, we have also released an update to the Activity section in the app. Users will now be able to see and compare the steps they have taken the past week. So now it's easy to see and track how often users hit their step goal in a week. They hope this will make it easier and more motivating for the customers to increase their daily activity levels.




Two new features have also been released in our creative playground – Kronaby Labs.
Quiet hours: Set your watch to a “do not disturb” mode whilst you sleep or times where you don’t want to be notified by anyone. Simply go into settings and scroll down to Labs to find Quiet hours.
Out of range: Drag and drop the “Out of range” Icon in the Filtered notifications page and get an alert when your watch disconnects with your phone. Combine this with Find my phone and create an even better tool for those time you misplace your phone.

4 months ago | Posted by: Jack Crofts