Kronaby Heads Back To NYC


Last week Kronaby headed overseas for our second NYC event since we launched stateside in 2017.

Everything kicked off at Avenue Road 8A on October 9th, a perfect venue for Kronaby to host press and influencers from all over New York. Watches were displayed naturally throughout the interior and two “experience corners” which consisted of a photo corner to try out the Camera remote function and a relaxed lounge area to test out the Music control. These had been set up to let people test the technical aspects and thoroughly immerse themselves into a Connected. Not distracted life. Swedish bakery FIKA also provided cinnamon buns and other Swedish delicacies.



The day quickly turned into evening and more press and influencers were invited to a night hosted by Kronaby brand ambassador Matias Varela and Swedish chef and profile Fredrik Berselius with his team from ASKA to compose a fantastic food experience. Guests had a chance to set up their watches and enjoy the experience corners. Global marketing director Henrik Jarl took the guests on a journey through Kronaby’s story with the help of Matias Varela giving his take on the brand and his great working relationship with Kronaby.
Fredrik also gave a speech talking about his daily work as a chef at Aska where he also mentioned his Kronaby watch that he has been using for a while and how it helps him in his hectic life, he used the timer when cooking!



The second event was hosted at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce with many Swedish business partners and start-ups attending. There was an introduction to the Kronaby brand and history, which followed by SACCNY President Anna Throne Holst and Matias Varela delivering an incredibly engaging and humorous interview with great chemistry. Later in the evening Matias' good friend, The Wire lead actor Michael K Williams dropped by and became a Kronaby fan, proudly wearing his Apex.

Overall a very successful trip to NYC from the Kronaby team. We would like to thank Matias Varela, our PR partner ZOI agency and everyone that took the time to attend. Until next time America.


4 months ago | Posted by: Jack Crofts