My Kronaby helps me value the time

Hello there!
My name is Pontus Ehrner and I work as a UX designer at Kronaby. This how I use my Kronaby watch.

The beauty of the Kronaby watch hits you instantly. The beauty of using it unfolds over time.

As I have worn my Kronaby watch every day for quite some time now, let me tell you about how I use it.
As much as I love my phone—and I do love my phone—I’m also aware of the negative ways it changes my behavior. I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself looking up from the screen, wondering what it was I was supposed to do.

By filtering the notifications, I only stop what I am doing when my watch vibrates. Sometimes I hear my phone making a noise but as long as my watch doesn’t vibrate I continue with the task at hand. This empowers me and makes me feel in control. Because as much as I need to work uninterrupted I also don’t want to miss an important call from my daughter’s school.

The timer is a given tool in the kitchen but more than that I have started using it for other, less obvious things. Like letting the kids know when the last 15 minutes of TV-time is up or reminding myself when to leave for a meeting. And recently I have started to use it to time short chunks of concentrated work sessions.

Every time I pause or skip a track with my Kronaby watch I know that I have avoided a potential side track. I no longer find myself scrolling my Instagram feed for five minutes because I didn’t like the current song. And, living in Sweden during winter, I appreciate the ability to control music with my gloves on.

The Kronaby watch not only tells me the time, it helps me value my time and what I do with it.


2 years ago | Posted by: Pontus Ehrner