Kronaby Life hacks 

Love Hack, with Ania Boniecka and Tyler Stalman


Filtered Notifications

There is a fine line between staying connected and being distracted. With Kronaby you can choose to be notified by the people and events you care about most.

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Time Hack, with Ania Bniecka and Tyler Stalman


Find phone

Busy days make us all forget and misplace things. The clever pusher on your watch reveals your phone’s whereabouts, saving you the involuntary scavenger hunt.

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Date Hack, with Gergana Ivanova and Carlos D. Harris Jr



Control your surroundings and favourite apps with Kronaby and IFTTT. The Kronaby watch will act as a trigger and the outcome is up to you. Brew a cup of coffee or open the garage door. Browse through hundreds of services and create your own personalised applet.


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Mood Hack, with Gergana Ivanova and Carlos D. Harris Jr


Music Player

Kronaby gives you instant access to your favourite music, whenever and wherever you want. Press Play and let the music influence how you feel and move.

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