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Connected watch

We set out to build the best connected watch in the world. Building upon traditional watchmaking we allowed ourselves no compromises. We put as much effort and care into choosing the best materials as we did designing the app.

And it is with immense pride Kronaby introduces the connected watch.

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Connected watch


Stop distractions

Stay focused

The Kronaby watch lets you choose who or what is allowed to interrupt. With Filtered notifications it makes sure only the important things come through. Keep your phone out of sight and concentrate on the task at hand.

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We don't need more

Be in control

The Kronaby watch lets you be smart about your time. It helps you save time with its smart features. It lets you make the most of your time by removing distractions. When you need to know what time it is, the Kronaby watch always tells you the correct time wherever you are.

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Sit less

Feel healthy

Get motivated to move more. Studies show that a less sedentary lifestyle can have great health benefits. Keep track of how much you move directly on the watch face. If you sit still for too long, the watch will notify you to get up and move a little.

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