Customer Care

Pre-order Terms

General info

-Pre-order is available from 26/1 20:00CET.
-Pre-order is available until 29/3 23:59 CET.
-All products are eligible for pre-order during pre-order period.
-Pre-order is only available online at


-To enable you, the buyer, to pre-order Kronaby watches which not have yet been released you will, as part of the payment process, register with your credit card, debit card or PayPal and we will perform a 1.00 currency unit (e.g. 1 EUR)  authorization (please note that no money is taken from your account at this stage) to ensure that we have received all your correct details. The payment for the product will only be performed when the Watch is available to ship.


-Your Kronaby watch pre-order will be shipped as soon as it becomes available.
-On entering the pre-order, you will receive a pre-order confirmation, an e-invoice (on product availability) and finally a shipping confirmation including tracking details.
-We will start fulfilling pre-order orders 31/3, please allow for 3-5 days of shipping.
-Between pre-order and the delivery, we will send out a few notifications to you on the mail you provided at time of ordering.


-From pre-order start until the 29/3 23:59 CET it is possible to cancel an pre-order.
-If order is cancelled the reserved amount (e.g. 1 EUR) will be released and made available, as soon as bank handling allows it, please refer to your bank for details.
-After the latest date for cancellation it is no longer possible to cancel, instead standard return procedure is applicable upon receiving the order.

Contact info

-Please refer to our FAQ for any other questions you might have.
-To contact us please use our contact us page.