At a glance

Watch face

With the Kronaby watch you wear a wonder of modern technology in the shape of traditional watchmaking. Besides always having the correct time, the watch can show you how much you move, what time it is in another time zone or how long it is before those eggs are cooked. Modern craftsmanship inside out.

Stop distractions

Filtered notifications

The Kronaby watch lets you choose who or what is allowed to interrupt you. Allow people, apps and features to reach you with a gentle vibration on the wrist. The pattern of the vibration and the direction of the watch hands tells you what kind of notification you are receiving. No need to keep an eye on the phone. Distractions are costly, so be picky.

Be in control


Remove everyday hassles with smart shortcuts on your wrist. The pushers can be assigned to trigger events away from your watch. Start playing music, take portraits from a distance, save that special location you just stumbled upon, find that misplaced phone and more. Whatever you choose, you will be in control.

Feel healthy


An important aspect of staying healthy is to move regularly. We have built in features in our watch to help you with this. Set a step goal and get a reminder when you sit still for too long. Along with instant progress on your wrist you can share your data with your favorite health app via Apple Health or Google Fit.

General Features

Auto Time Zone

Always on time

Battery Life

Never Charge

Filtered Notifications

Never miss what matters

Get Moving

Take a stand

Reject Call

Decline with a tap

Silent Alarm

A gentle wake-up call

Lost Watch

Never lose track of time

Watch Face Features

Additional Time Zone

In sync with the world

Daily Hundred

Every step counts


Stay up-to-date


Keeping count

Pusher Features

Camera Remote

Picture perfect

Find Phone

Never lost again

Music Control

Immediate tunes

Remember This Spot

You were here

Walk Me Home

Feel safe 24/7


If This Then That

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